www.hamlet.ro - Romanian and English

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hello & welcome!

First of all, thanks for the invitation, Reka ;)

Then to english-only-speakers the opening message of this blog:

There's a site - or more exactly, a portal - called www.hamlet.ro.
It is about hungarian theater and movie in Romania.

It features

  • news and stories of the two kinds of stages,
  • the line up of hungarian theatrical companies from Romania
  • a theatrical database with shows, actors, critical reviews etc.
  • link directory of theater-related sites
  • "Transylvanian Broadway" - showcasing some of the most popular local actresses and actors
  • and a forum for online discussions
To our knowledge, this site, both as contents, structure and freshness goes, is unique in Romania.

Unfortunately, due both to limited resources and our target public (Hungarian theater goers in Romania), the site is available only in Hungarian. thus came the idea, to try to share the site with the rest of the world, to create a blog and to tell you at least in a few words, what's happening at us, and in the Hungarian theater scene in Romania. We're open to comments, fellow bloggers :)

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hello again!

Nandika, please translate the wellcome message! This way the blog will be both in Romanian and English. :D


It said both English and Romanian, so here I am.

Si eu salut! Am venit:)

Friday, February 11, 2005

Salut, bine aţi venit!

Există un site, mai exact un portal numit www.hamlet.ro
Specific: teatru şi film maghiar în Romania. Cred că este unic în România, cel puţin nu cunosc ceva asemănător.
* cronici/reportaje
* ştiri teatrale
* programul teatrelor maghiare
* bază de date care include distribuţia spectacolelor şi cronici, critici, eseuri apărute despre spectacole
* colecţie de linkuri
* Broadway - aleea actorilor preferaţi de public
* Forum - cu de toate pentru toţi

Din păcate nu avem o versiune în limba română, aşa că m-am gândit să lansez acest blog, sâ-l împart cu cei care vorbesc ambele limbi (maghiară şi română), şi să vedem, dacă reuşim să vă povestim măcar sumar ce apare pe site. Aştept şi opiniile voastre, dragi bloggeri!