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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Spectator, Experience, Reception

An international conference in theatre studies

The University of Theatre Arts from Tg­Mures, Romania organizes the international conference Spectator, Experience, Reception on November 26­27, 2005.

The conference wishes to discuss phenomena in aesthetics, hermeneutics, anthropology, processes and forms in the history of theatre, which take place or happen between the performance and its audience/receiver. Contemporary art attempts in various ways to reduce the aesthetic distance between the theatrical performance and the spectator. The need to engage the audience into the play and image caharacterizes not only today’s theatre, but our whole visual culture, and the rich techniques of the experience society – especially those mediated by mass media – have a great impact upon the language of theatre. It is therefore of utmost importance to detect the changing status of the spectator, its interference with the status of the performer, and to examine how all these transpose the process of reception. “Audienceing” and reception are most essential questions in the field of the pedagogy of acting, the art of speech, dance and stage music, not only from a theoretical and aesthetic point of view, but regarding the practice of the training and the process of rehearsing as well.

The themes to be addressed by the conference are:
a) aesthetic­cultural questions:
Processes accompanying aesthetic reception; the visual character of reception; parallel/simultaneous reception of text and image in drama and performance; multimedia techniques in theatre, hybrid art objects; the relation of actor and spectator, their physical closeness; spectator and audience; the aesthetic and anthropologic problems of audienceing and the state of being seen; the position of postmodern spectator and the image theatre ; the aesthetic role of experience in the process of reception; reality and fiction/virtual; hybrid art objects;
b) theatre history problems:
Making audiences, the audience’s expectations and the changing conventions of representation; differences of horizons of expectations, misunderstanding, misreading and mishearing in the reception of the work; strategies of making audiences; ideological aspects of the processes and factors guiding the reception
c) questions of art pedagogy:
The role of audience expectations in the process of training; relation of experience and artistic creation; demands regarding the art of the actor in the postmodern theatre of images.

The conference is open for academic lecturers, researchers and PhD students. The conference languages are English, Romanian and Hungarian.
Deadline for paper proposals: 15 September 2005. Please send an e­mail abstract of 150 words to uat.ms@rdslink.ro.

As we wish to edit the papers in the Symbolon (our Revue of theatre studies) until the day of the conference, please send your papers in English (Hungarian or Romanian) by October 1, 2005.
Contact persons: Oana Leahu, Ildikó Ungvári Z., János Lázok
email: uat.ms@rdslink.ro.

Friday, July 08, 2005


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